DPDS Consulting have secured full planning permission for the change of use of the basement of 1, Broadway, a Grade II Listed Building in the Creative Quarter of Nottingham City Centre from an Office (B1 use) to a Reformer Pilate’s studio (D2 use).

Through the application process, it was demonstrated that the loss of office space was not significant given the proposed leisure use of the building which would generate seven new jobs.

The application submission also demonstrated that a reformer Pilates Studio would complement the existing uses in the Creative Quarter and would reuse a vacant historic building.

The planning permission was secured with no pre-commencement conditions with generous opening hours so that the new business could open quickly and attract additional footfall to the City Centre.

Opening to the public on Saturday, 13th July 2019, The Reformer Studio located at 1 Broadway, Nottingham, will become the city’s first Reformer Pilates Studio.  For more information visit their website at www.reformerstudio.co.uk


What is Reformer Pilates?

In the early 20th century Joseph Pilates developed a system of movement called contrology, a mix of yoga, boxing, gymnastics, dance, acrobats and weight Training.

Popularity grew and contrology later became known as pilates, the fundamentals being alignment, breathing and centering

Reformer pilates promotes core strength, alignment, muscle strength without bulk and flexibility in the body.

The reformer is a piece of equipment which has a gliding platform or ‘carriage’ attached by springs to the body of the reformer.