DPDS Consulting’s planning team has secured planning approval for 23 dwellings on previously developed land located south of the main central area of Swindon town centre.

Prior to the submission of the planning application, the proposed development was informed by pre-application and also a local design review panel process.   The subsequent  planning application was accompanied by a viability assessment to demonstrate that the scheme was not able to contribute to affordable housing as this would have made the scheme unviable.  Following an independent assessment, it was agreed that affordable housing could not be provided and a departure from planning policy requirements was acceptable.

DPDS continued to work in a collaborative and positive manner with the Local Planning Authority post submission of the planning application.

DPDS worked closely with the case officer and other internal consultees at Swindon Borough Council including the Council’s Urban Designer to further strengthen the high quality design of the proposal.

The proposal was presented to the Planning Committee with an Officer recommendation for approval and was approved by Members.”