Following Local Elections in May, changes in Council leadership at a number of Local Authorities has led to those Authorities seeking to revise or withdraw emerging Development Plan Documents, inevitably leading to delays in developments coming forward.

Within the East Midlands, the change from Conservative to Labour control within Amber Valley led to the almost immediate withdrawal of the draft Local Plan which contained proposals for Green Belt releases accommodating some 2,650 dwellings.

Consequently, Amber Valley do not currently have an up-to-date Local Plan with the previous Plan having an end date of 2011.  However, the withdrawal of the emerging Local Plan has provided the Council with the opportunity to calculate their 5 year housing land supply using the Standard Methodology and this now stands at 5.42 years.  This has had implications for pending planning applications in respect of both further delays and possible changes to Officer recommendations.

Whilst Amber Valley were quick to withdraw their Plan, there is still uncertainty over the progress of the emerging Local Plan in North East Derbyshire which has been subject to examination with Hearing sessions held in November/December 2018.

Following the May elections, the Council is now in Conservative control and has paused production of the Local Plan to enable a full review and consider options including protection of the Green Belt and reduction in the overall housing requirements.