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Landscape Architecture

As part of its commitment to environmental awareness, DPDS believes that a thorough investigation of landscape potential, together with consideration and assessment of landscape aspects of development proposals, are essential on all major projects.  Consequently, the special skills of Landscape Architecture are fully integrated within the consultancy.

We offer a thorough and comprehensive service of landscape architecture to clients which brings to bear an appreciation of environmental issues and the knowledge and ability to solve any related problems.

An initial stage of many projects involves landscape analysis and assessment, ranging from the appraisal of existing trees, hedgerows and other site characteristics, through to assessment of landscape character and prediction of potential impacts.  Such issues are increasingly an important element of Public Inquiries and demand a Landscape Architect to act as a professional witness.

Our landscape design service provides solutions that are aesthetic, functional and economic.  Services can range from initial feasibility and concept design to support planning applications, through to project implementation, including detailed planting plans, specifications, schedules, selection of contractors and related on-site services.

In addition to complementing the other planning and design services, landscape advice can be offered independently.

Key Landscape Architecture skills include

  • Conditions Survey
  • Site Evaluations and Appraisals
  • Masterplanning
  • Land Use Planning and Analysis
  • Landscape Character Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Zone of Visual Influence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Landscape Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Planting Schemes