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RESPONSE – Estates Planning for the Emergency Services


Providing Emergency Services with the ability to respond to evolving service demands through the management of land and property assets and the planning process.

It is clear that Government expects public bodies such as the emergency services to respond to the service demands placed upon them often with diminishing resources.  The planning process is key as not only does it indicate futue service demands (e.g. through growth of new housing and commercial development) but also sets criteria from which public bodies can realise value from land and property assests to achieve cost savings and assist with reinvestment in services.

DPDS has the experience and ability to assess and advise on the ability of land and property to realise value through development including realisation of potential constraints and the identification of practical and cost efficient solutions. Co-ordinated monitoring of emerging development plans through our in house monitoring system planinfo also enables a proactive approach to be taken to understanding and influencing development plans which may impact upon service delivery to ensure wherever possible practical efficiencies and cost savings are delivered.

Our Specialist Service Provides

  • Preparation, Submission and promotion of planning applications for all development activities, including architectural input where required;
  • Monitoring, advice and submission of representations to emerging local development plan documents to secure estates / service delivery objectives;
  • Provision of strategic estates advice to identify development opportunities and realise practical solutions for the delivery of benefits whether that be across a single site or an entire portfolio;
  • Co-ordination of specialist sub consultant team and specialist legal advice wherever required.

Case Study

DPDS are retained as planning consultants by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service in respect of their landholdings throughout Derbyshire. DPDS have advised and represent this Fire & Rescue service on a number of matters including the promotion of sites for the development of new community Fire Stations through the submission of planning applications and ensuring the service is well placed to respond to evolving service requirements arising from planned developments over the next 15-20 years.   Specialist inputs have included the formulation of responses to large scale development proposals and co-ordinating specialist technical and legal advice ensuring the Service’s interests are adequately protected.

Most recently DPDS have advised specifically on a “Strategic Land Management Plan” which seeks to ensure that the Fire & Rescue Service’s land portfolio and its ability to release value through development can be accurately realised.  This process has required DPDS to quickly gain an understanding of the constraints and opportunities provided by some 32 land holdings and achieving the “buy-in” of 10 local planning authorities across the county.

DPDS Involvement

  • Promoting the interests of Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service through monitoring, advice and submission of representations to evolving local development plans and ongoing discussions with local planning authorities;
  • Supporting the development of new Community Fire Stations through the submission of planning applications and the provision of specialist planning advice to support acquisitions;
  • Provision of a “Strategic Land Management Plan” to ensure the service is aware of opportunities to release value through the development of its land assets;
  • Lead consultant co-ordinating multi-disciplinary technical and specialist legal advice;
  • Attending meetings with client representatives, relevant statutory bodies, local planning authorities and project teams.

 Richard Brunt, Area Manager, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service commented:

“DPDS have worked for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service for over 10 years and have established a strong working relationship with Property Department personnel and other key staff.  DPDS have helped guide us through many complex issues over the years providing a consistently high standard of practical advice which is extremely valuable to our organisation as it looks to anticipate and respond to the challenges of the future.”