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Project Description

Manor Farm, Drayton, Oxfordshire

Earl of Plymouth Estates appointed DPDS Consulting to prepare a development and design brief for a residential scheme on a 3.9 hectare site at the heart of the village of Drayton near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. The site is located within a highly sensitive area rich with historic architecture and aesthetic green landscape and falls completely within Drayton’s conservation area.

In order to ensure that the proposal for the scheme was appropriate for the area DPDS carried out numerous studies including character area appraisals and extensive consultations with the parish council and local steering group, agglomerating local knowledge through workshops and regular discussion, resulting in a well informed scheme.

Adopting this approach ensured relevant opportunities were utilised and constraints were respected whilst also providing certainty for the local community and stakeholders and providing robust guidance to prospective developers.

The resulting work produced a scheme that:

  • Reflected and drew upon local architectural detailing and form which helped reinforce Drayton’s identity and character.
  • Responded to the rural character of the area and maintain the strong sense of green through retaining over 90% of the existing vegetation within the site.
  • Recognised the community’s desires and needs by introducing a large flexible open space therefore reinforcing the site as an active heart to the village, and potential for a new community building providing new amenities.
  • Mended the urban fabric through facilitating new links through the site; integrating the historic eastern half of Drayton with the modern western half.
  • Created potential for sustainable elements at all levels to be incorporated and prescribing design that facilitated and encouraged healthier lifestyles for the area’s residents.
  • Maximized public realm that prioritises the pedestrian and cyclist through traffic calming and better connections to create a safer environment for vulnerable groups.

These elements have helped create a strong document with guidance that has the potential to create an award winning residential scheme of the highest quality and hopefully act as catalyst and benchmark for any future schemes in and around Drayton.

Project Details

Skills Needed: