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Land and Property

At a time when consumer demand for housing is high, nowhere in the planning process is more complex and challenging than strategic land promotion, particularly for large-scale sites.  Increasingly such proposals require multidisciplinary teams with a Chartered Town Planner taking the lead role.

DPDS have a proven track record in Land and Property especially in the area of  promoting development sites successfully. Our planning team have a wealth of experience in promoting land, whether brownfield or greenfield for development and in successfully securing planning permissions.

All proposals need to be in accordance with the Development Plan and DPDS’ planinfo contains key information on the correct time to promote land.

In a number of cases, multidisciplinary teams are necessary to provide the requisite professional inputs.  DPDS has extensive experience of project managing and co-ordinating such teams to ensure that the client’s requirements are fulfilled, working with a wide range of specialist consultants.

DPDS has the requisite skills in this field and is widely involved in a number of high profile strategic land promotions throughout the country on behalf of housebuilders, property developers and landowners.

Key Land and Property skills include

  • Project co-ordination and management of multidisciplinary teams
  • Strategic land search and identification
  • Comparative site analysis
  • Urban capacity studies
  • Development Plan monitoring
  • Masterplanning, urban design concept statement and local character study
  • Brownfield site studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Demographic and economic study