Hard work at Thames Farm paying dividends for clients

Following our last post on the ensuing story of Thames Farm, DPDS resubmitted the Barn application to South Oxfordshire District Council in the hopes that it would see sense and understand the facts laid out within the Inspector’s decision letter for the neighbouring 95 housing unit scheme (appeal ref. 3161733). The design was identical to what was originally refused however, DPDS planners strategically focussed on drawing the Council’s towards the comments within the Inspector’s decision letter which effectively mute the two previous reasons for refusal. Therefore, the Council would not be able to object to the design of the scheme because it was not referenced as a reason for refusal.

Once again, the application was recommended for approval by the Council’s case officer who informed the Council’s Planning Committee the Inspector’s decision letter is a highly influential material consideration which makes the original reasons for refusal defunct and unarguable at planning appeal. The application was heard by the Planning Committee on the evening of 20th November and following some heated debate and some very persuasive speaking by Les Durrant, Managing Director at DPDS the Planning Committee agreed the proposal now represents a sustainable form of development and approved planning permission.

Les Durrant commented:

“Thanks to the hard, coordinated work of the team at DPDS and Cole Easdon Consultants on the highways side the pieces of Thames Farm are falling into place. Now we have planning permission for almost 100 dwellings cumulatively that is ensured to be high quality development. The barn permission itself is a unique addition to the overall development as it will reuse its assets to replicate that of a traditional ‘cart-shed’ or stables. Our clients are well and truly reaping the rewards.”

In other Thames Farm related news, South Oxfordshire District Council and Shiplake Parish Council are both seeking legal challenges on the planning permission for 95 housing units. Both challenges failed in the first instance to be entertained by the High Court but both claimants have an opportunity to present these challenges via an oral hearing which is due to take place soon. We will keep you updated on this in due course.